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A Taste of down-home goodness of life on the farm!

At J.E. Cooley Farms, delicious red strawberries, tree-ripened peaches, and sweet, plump blackberries, are hand picked for you daily in season. Visit our locations for local produce, fresh churned strawberry and peach ice cream and a home-cooked southern meal in our old-fashioned cafe.
About The Cooley Farm
Brandi Cooley introduces you to the Strawberry Hill U.S.A. Family Farm and Gaffney Fresh Produce Store and Creamery.


Farming is a way of life and a family tradition for the James E. Cooley family. James, his wife Kathi, four daughters, two son-in-laws, and three grandchildren are proud to carry on the tradition started by James' father Gene Cooley in 1946.
Farm Fresh Produce
Everyday at The Shed you will find fresh picked produce from both The Cooley Family Farm and other local farmers from throughout the Upstate of South Carolina....
 We got about 3.5 inches of snow on Thursday but it is all melted away today. Only 3 weeks to ...
We had a beautiful snowfall this morning!...
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