U-Pick Sunflower Event

Strawberry Hill USA presents our 1st ever U-Pick Sunflower Experience. Tickets will be available to purchase at our Shed on the day of the event. Each ticket will include a wagon ride to the field & ONE freshly cut sunflower. **In order to get to our sunflower field, you MUST purchase a ticket & ride our wagon.

Event Dates & Time
Friday, Sept. 13   12 - 5 pm
Saturday, Sept .14     9 am - 5 pm
Sunday, Sept .15       12 - 5 pm (or until picked out)

NOTE: Sunflowers are an agricultural crop and are subject to weather conditions leading up to our event. We are shooting for the flowers to be ready by Sept. 14 & 15, but in case of blooming variables, the event could possibly be moved to Sept. 21 & 22.

Ticket: $8 /person ages 3 & up
Ticket includes a wagon ride to the field and one cut flower.
Any additional flowers will cost $3 each.
*Sunflowers will be subject to availability. 


What else?

  • We encourage customers to bring their own clippers as a limited supply will be available to borrow when picking sunflowers.
  • You can bring your own vase to put flowers in after they are picked. *highly recommend




1) Will we allow professional photography? 
Yes BUT… please keep in mind our flowers will be limited and there will NOT be any private areas for photographers only. This event was designed as a U-Pick opportunity with an added bonus of a beautiful backdrop for pictures.

2) Can I set up a private time to have sessions?
With this being our first ever event like this, we will NOT be allowing private sessions outside of our event dates and times. If you would like to visit our sunflower field, all photographers (and any participants) must purchase a ticket to load the wagon. You are welcome to stay in the field as long as you would like during the event hours. Keep in mind, our entire sunflower field is open to the public so there will not be any private areas. We do hope to be able to host private sessions in 2020.

3) Can I bring props? 
We will NOT allow outside props (ex. chairs/benches/ etc.) onto our wagons due to limited space. We will have props placed throughout the field available to ALL of our guests.

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