U-Pick Sunflower Event

TStrawberry Hill USA presents our 1st ever U-Pick Sunflower Experience. Tickets will be available to purchase at our Shed on the day of the event. Each ticket will include a wagon ride to the field & ONE freshly cut sunflower. **In order to get to our sunflower field, you MUST purchase a ticket & ride our wagon.

Event Dates & Time
Saturday, Sept .14     9 am - 5 pm
Sunday, Sept .15       12 - 5 pm (or until picked out)

NOTE: Sunflowers are an agricultural crop and are subject to weather conditions leading up to our event. We are shooting for the flowers to be ready by Sept. 14 & 15, but in case of blooming variables, the event could possibly be moved to Sept. 21 & 22.

Ticket: $5 /person ages 3 & up
Ticket includes a wagon ride to the field and one cut flower.
Any additional flowers will cost $2 each.
*Sunflowers will be subject to availability. 


What else?

  • Photographers are welcome, but must purchase ticket/ flowers to enter the sunflower field.
  • We encourage customers to bring their own clippers as a limited supply will be available to borrow when picking sunflowers.
  • You can bring your own vase to put flowers in after they are picked. *highly recommend


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