Our strawberries are in season mid-April to June. 

Strawberry Hill U.S.A. has proudly provided the sweetest and ripest berries to Spartanburg County since 1995! Today, we have close to 115 acres of strawberries making us the largest strawberry farm in the state of South Carolina. Our strawberries are sun-ripened, vibrantly red, and bursting with sweetness! We plant our berries in early fall and use row covers to keep them warm and dormant during the winter months.

As you drive by the farm on Scenic Hwy 11, you will see nearly 400 American Flags flying in the strawberry fields in honor of Gene and Ansel Cooley, the founders of Cooley Peach Farms, who served in World War II. 

*Due to our being a commercial farm,
we do NOT offer a U-PICK program to our customers.
All berries are pre-picked by our employees and sold at our market. 

For wholesale inquiries, please contact
James Cooley (864) 384-7960

Do we use pesticides?
Yes, we do! Strawberry Hill is a commercial farm that is GAP Certified in food safety and we follow the Strawberry Integrated Pest Management Guide that guides us on the safest and most effective practices to produce a top quality product for our customers. If you are interested in the different pesticides we may use, please click here to view the guide we follow that is closely overlooked by Clemson Extension and NC State. Our fruit is not washed before packing. We recommend you always wash any fruit at home before eating.


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