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Proudly Flying 400 American Flags on our Farm

Strawberry Capitol of SC
Certified SC GrownOur berries are sun-ripened, vibrantly red, and bursting with sweetness. The Cooley Family proudly flies 400 American Flags over the 110 acre Strawberry Farm.  Strawberry Hill USA is the largest strawberry farm in South Carolina.  We take pride in meticulously tending to each acre of berries to bring our customers the very best!

Berries are available April through mid-June.  New, in 2013, our farm installed hoophouses to offer berries year around.

Visit the farm, kick back in a rocking chair and breathe in the sweet smell of strawberries from the surrounding fields at the Chesnee farm market or at retail market in Gaffney.
If you didn’t already love strawberries for their delicious taste, you will love them for their nutrition and health benefits.
About The Cooley Farm
 We got about 3.5 inches of snow on Thursday but it is all melted away today. Only 3 weeks to
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